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Quaternary Mapping of the Middle East by the Geological Survey of Iran in 4 years

The Commission for the Geological Map of the World (CGMW) has regional and continental departments. In North America Canada in South America Colombia in Europe Germany in Africa Cameroon in Asia China in Eurasia Russia and in Middle East Iran are deputies of this commission.

Geological Survey of Iran has been active in this commission since many years ago, and has prepared different maps for this commission.

Preparation of Iran-Pakistan-Afghanistan Tectonic map is one of the maps prepared by Iran for this commission, and according to the consent of this commission, preparation of tectonic map of the Middle East, Seismotectonic map of the World, Metalogenic map of Middle East and Geological map of Middle East was handed over to Iran.

The "Tectonomagmatism Map of Middle East" and "Quaternary Map of the Middle East" are other maps prepared by Iran for CGMW. Accordingly, preparing "Metamorphic map of Middle East" has been handed over to Geological Survey of Iran.

These maps will be prepared in Scale of 1:5.000.000.



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